This Privacy Policy is offered by:
Hidebox ApS
Grønningen 23, 1. floor
1270 Copenhagen K,
Central business reg. no. 39002841 (“the Company”).
The Company is obliged to protect the security of your personal data, and the Company strives to ensure that you feel secure in the user experience. When you use the Company’s Hidebox application (“the Application”), the Company may collect and store your personal data. In this Privacy Policy, the Company describes how the Company uses your personal data and how you can protect your personal data. The Company handles all the personal data that you have submitted in accordance with this Privacy Policy and applicable legislation.

Types of personal data and the use of this

The Company will not disclose your personal data to third parties unless the Company has obtained your prior written consent or it is necessary to disclose personal data to (i) third parties that provide services on behalf of the Company, insofar as it is necessary to be able to provide the relevant service, or (ii) to comply with applicable laws or a request from a public authority as well as to prevent, detect and enforce the unauthorised use of the Application. If your personal data is disclosed to a third party, it is obliged to protect the data in question, including that your personal data shall be treated in accordance with applicable legislation and third parties must use sufficient data security measures. Non-personal data, communication and material that you send to the Application or to the Company via e-mail or which the Company obtains from third parties that should not be confidential, may be stored, used and disclosed by the Company on a non-confidential basis. The Company may freely use and reproduce the data in question for any purpose. Specifically, the Company may freely use ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques that are indicated in the data in question for any purpose including for the development, production or marketing of products.

Disclosure of personal data

When using the application Hidebox, the Company collects only your e-mail address so that the Company can send you information and offer services via the Application. he Company may also collect additional information, such as information about the content of the Company’s communications with you, including customer support, requests and your feedback. You may not send sensitive personal or confidential information to us by e-mail. Sensitive personal or confidential information includes health conditions, civil registration number, etc. The Company may use your personal data in order to be able to send you marketing material, updates concerning the Application as well as newsletters. However, this only applies if you have registered or subscribed to these publications and have submitted your data to the Company. If you no longer wish to receive this material, you can at any time ask the Company to delete your user profile or cancel your subscription.


The Company uses technical and organisational security measures to protect your personal data against loss and unauthorised access. In spite of these security measures, the Company cannot guarantee that unauthorised third parties will not be able to circumvent the security measures in question or use your data unlawfully.

Storage and deletion

The Company stores your personal data for as long as you use the Application or as long as it is necessary to be able to serve the purpose for which the data was collected.

Correction of your data

You may contact the Customer’s customer service to obtain a copy of the personal data which the Company stores about you. You may also request that the Company corrects, blocks or deletes incorrect information.


The Company may update this Privacy Policy, and if necessary, this will be published in the Application. The changes will take effect when they are published in the Application or when they are communicated to you in another appropriate manner. If you continue to use the Application after publication or notification of the changes, this will be regarded as an acceptance of the amended Privacy Policy. You are urged to regularly check the Application for changes. If you cannot accept the changes, you should stop your use of the Application.

Applicable Law and jurisdiction

The rules of Danish law on jurisdiction apply to this Privacy Policy. Any dispute between us must be brought before the Danish Courts.

Contact information

You are welcome to contact the Company if you have questions regarding our use of your personal data. You may contact customer service at

Picture Policy Overview

Photos are one of the most important parts of an item. You have the control to show these pictures to your insurances companies and/or your friends and family. Hidebox needs to make sure that the items that are being shared are actual and does frustrate, discriminate or offend any one in any aspect of race, creed, religion or any other factor that may disrupt your or Hidebox credibility. At that point Hidebox may remove the picture, disable user and/or report user to the proper authority if found in violation of the policy. 

  1. Clear images
  2. Images of real items 
Not Allowed (Friends and family/Public) 
  1. Pictures that may offend any one.
  2. Gore
  3. Pictures not suitable for childeren
  4. Nudity
  5. Stock photos
  6. Picture less than 500 pixels width in size
  7. Watermarks of any kind
Why the picture policy is in place

We believe in providing a platform that is safe to use for all ages where they can use and reap the benefits of having all their belongings documented in one place. The picture policy is in place to make sure that any image shared does not offend or frustrate any of our users which might affect credibility of our users or Hidebox.