Frequently asked questions

All your queries about features, security and general queries in pone place

Hidebox is a possession management system that helps you track what is important to you. Currently you are able to manage your valuables and if they are associated to an insurance company but soon you will be able to do a lot more in the future.
Absolutely! We have made sure that security is one of the key features of the app so that you do not have to worry about your information falling to the wrong hands. If you have activated your 4 digit pin then no one will be able to look at your information even if you leave your phone unattended as the phone will ask for the pin after 1 minute of the being in the background. If anyone puts in the wrong pin 3 times then it would lock the app for 1 minute and send an email to your hidebox registered email of the activity with the time and the location.
Currently this App is not integrated with any insurance comany but you can always generate the claim and send it to the insurance company.
Currently Hidebox is not integrated with any insurance company but you should be able to generate the claim and send the PDF to your insurance provider where they would be able to get all the details of the claim that you have inserted.
Absolutely! you can use the app if it is not connected with the interenet but there are features which are depended on the internet. It is advisable to connect your device to the internet so that the information could be synced and you can access your information from any other device as well after using your valid credentials.
We understand how important your information is and it is not shared with anyone unless you have given the app the permission to share. You have complete control in regards to what information can be shared from the settings.
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