An innovative, quick and easy way to keep track of your possessions giving you the ease of having the information on you when you need it the most.

My Items

Quickly Add Items

  • Use camera or Gallery to quickly add an item. Take or upload a picture and add basic details such as title and category and you are done.

Add Multiple items

  • Go ahead and add multiple items from a single picture. Simply click, tap on the item and label it. When you have the time add the rest of the details.

Add Additional Details

  • You have the freedom to add as much details as you want. Go ahead and add fields and fill up the information.

Attach Documents

  • If you want to add supporting documents such as manuals or instructions simply attach them to your item and access them when you need it.

My Insurance

Add Insurance Policy

  • Add an Insurance policy and associate items already available in “My Items”. This will help you while creating an insurance claim in the event of a mishap.

Quick Edits

  • You can easily associate and disassociate items from your insurance policy as per need.

Attach important documents

  • If you want attach support documents of your insurance such as coverage details, you can do that easily and quickly.

Insured Items

  • The moment you associate an Item to a policy a visual indicator helps you know if an item is insured.

My Claim

Generate PDF for claims

  • You can generate claims quickly and easily with Hidebox. Just follow the wizard and save your claim or finalize it as per need. Once finalized you can generate a PDF which can be downloaded and shared to your insurance company.

Add details to the claims added

  • Hidebox is able to capture all the information that is required whether it is pictures of the incident, the details of what happened or documentation that is required by your insurance company when it comes to a claim.

Keep a track of your generated claims

  • You can easily veiw claims that you are currently updating and those which are finalized just for your safe keeping.

My Family

Invite Family members on the platform

  • Share the experience of Hidebox with your family members so that they could have the ease of mind of having information of their possessions when they need them.

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  • Always have all the informaiton of everything that you posses all the time, anyplace, anytime.


What is important for us is that you feel safe while using our platform for the possessions that are important to you. That is why data on your registered belongings is stored in a secure cloud database and all the data transfers are encrypted with a 256 byte SHA encryption which ensures that your data is safe regardless of which network you are using or which device.

Combined with a good and effective password and a four-digit PIN code which you select yourself, all your information will be guaranteed to remain private and will be notified of any malicious activity on your device.

About Hidebox

It’s hard to have all the information of everything that you own especially when you are in need of it the most. Hidebox concept of having everything that you hold dear and important to be recorded in your device. Hidebox is an item centric app, which means that once your have entered your item you would be able to have all the information about it and soon be able to get all the information and services that are related to it. We have great plans for Hidebox so jump in and join the revolutionary ride.

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Always have all the informaiton of everything that you posses all the time, anyplace, anytime.